Coaching can facilitate:

  • More focused and receptive reading and writing 

  • More expressive use of language

  • Generation of original words and ideas 

  • Increased heightened awareness for writing 

  • Development of writing as a practice of self-care

  • Confidence to explore voice for spoken word

  • Knowledge of embodied practices to facilitate creative flow

  • Knowledge of contemplative practices to gain clarity of mind

  • Stress reduction to unblock creative sticking points

  • Improvement of analytical skills

  • New tools, crafts and techniques for writing a poem

  • Improve chances of getting published

  • Increased confidence and courage to tell your story

  • Learning to experiment and explore without fear of failure

  • Learning to trust your instinct

  • A greater connection to nature and your environment

  • Enhanced health and wellbeing

  • and much more!