Core Concepts

Holistic Facilitation involves coaching the whole person. It takes into account, our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in preparation to write from a place of clarity. Using practices such as mindful movement and meditation to release the body and focus the mind can help to strengthen our connection to writing by cultivating insight and spontaneity.

Creative Health along with mental and physical health is important for a full expression of wellbeing. To bring unique creations into the world is not only immensely rewarding but a means of celebrating who we are. Creative health coaching also uses voice-work practices to explore the spoken word

and the therapeutic potential of sound. 

Embodied Cognition sees the body as an extension of the brain. The ability to process information through our sensory and motor systems can be enhanced through somatic practices such as yoga and qigong. When our 5 senses are open and receptive, we can connect with and read the world around us much more efficiently.

Co-creative Space is a place where ideas can be exchanged and developed together. Many coaches and therapists claim to empower their clients. This presupposes a hierarchy of giver and receiver and creates an imbalance of power which is limiting. A co-creative space is nurturing, empathetic and safe.

Expressive Economy is a way of describing the concise nature of poetry and its potential to convey a wealth of images, ideas, sensations and stories in just a few lines of writing. It is also one of the most versatile art forms whereby one can reimagine anything or anywhere with just a pen and a single sheet of paper.