I believe that we all have the ability to write in a way that enriches our experience of the world as well as the lives of those around us. If you have never written poetry before but would like to give it a go, I can provide an accessible entry into writing in open form (free verse). If you are already a poet, beginner or seasoned, you may want to try a different approach to exploring your creative potential. As a published poet, songwriter and artist I am able draw from my experience as both a writer, maker and performer of words. Some things I can help with are:

Editing & proof-reading

Critique and feedback

Developing the spoken and written voice

Word-making and development of novel ideas

Tuition on poetic devices

Curating a collection

Establishing a writing life

Overcoming writers block

Advice on publishing

I also deliver poetry & creative writing workshops at schools, colleges and universities and to private groups. Prices and details on request.